Mixing Business with Pleasure

Rolling With Promotional Coasters

picture of a promo drinks coaster One minute you’re coasting along, working hard, hitting those KPIs and doing fine thanks, the next, some unseen assassin bumps your elbow and you spill your drink. Now the glass is wet and it makes a mess of your business presentation…..and why are you drinking while working, and what, are you in a pub?!

Well, it takes all sorts and if your idea of grafting and drinking works for you….then “good onya”. Actually, I enjoy a glass of wine while sifting through reports, reading industry articles of an evening so I won’t cast a stone. What I DO use though on my coffee table are promotional coasters. I prefer the mouse mat¬†ones which inadvertently soak up wine and beer stains, hiding an evening’s indulgence.

There are of course all manner of coasters on the market from Aluminium to Glass to Wood to Card etc and they’re all available with either print or etch capabilities. ¬†Costs are also suited to a variety of budgets, like the Classic Beer Mat from 10 cents a unit (yup, you heard it right!).