Vanilla Scented Candles – Personalised Gifts

picture of a scented candlePromotional personalised Gifts that have more than one purpose are designed to keep giving again and again. Take the vanilla scented candle which comes in an attractive glass. Long after the candle has burned, the glass functions as a drinking vessel. magic, huh?

As a rule, I like to gift friends and family either a rosebush or a fruit tree, that way, after the initial charm of the present has waned, it keeps spawning either flowers or fruit – a constant reminder of me and my thoughtfulness!

Somewhere in my family though, in the dark past, there were two brothers who were so mean that each Christmas, they carefully wrapped up the exact same present they received from each other, and re-gifted it back. It would’ve been a mistake at first, then a laugh, then a chore. And over time, a part of family culture – giving useless gifts designed to annoy, frustrate and badger each other- which is fine within your own close-knit community.

If you did this with strangers, you’d be ridiculed or branded mean or just careless…and it wouldn’t be a savvy business exercise by any stretch of the imagination.

That’s why selecting a personalised gift for a colleague or business partner is such a delicate deed. The Vanilla Scented candle which also functions as a glass is an example of hedging your bets – a gift that is a little refined yet a practical tool, a multifunctional unit of sorts.