Mine’s a Martini

Custom Glassware – The Martini Glass

martini glasses for promotionsEver since Leonard Rossitor and Joan Collins starred in a series of awkward Ads for Vermouth in the early 80s, I’ve been a fan of the drink, not as an alcoholic beverage but for it’s sense of European style and sophistication. 

But whatever happened to those iconic brands? Have they fallen out of fashion like our passion for Reisling in the summer of ’95? Or like Blue Nun Liebfraumilch in the 70s and early 80s? What about Dubonnet in the late 1840s?

Like all good things, they will have a renaissance; a time for rebirth when the marketing Gods feel the time is ripe for further exploitation…and Martini, Cinzano and Dubonnet (to name a few) are tipped to go off like a frog in a sock (OK, wrong analogy…). The trend away from hard liquour and gassy beers points toward a cleaner, lighter drink..and Martini fits the bill perfectly.

And if the brand was popular enough to spawn it’s own glassware, the Martini Glass with a wide brim to help the drink breathe quickly, it’s already got embued heritage and instant recognition.

Even the world famous 007 skulled down Martini shaken with Vodka in large quantities before interrogating attractive female suspects – so just imagine the benefits to your business by stocking branded Martini glasses in the kitchen cupboard. Staff appraisals might never be the same again!

The 200ml Cuvee Martini Glass we stock is durable, safe in a dishwasher and with it’s large, clear print surface, it’s an excellent promotional product.