Keep Calm and Carry On

Custom Badges Can Say Many Things

image of a custom badgeLike “check me out, I’m cool and groovy. I’m not a dork, honest…I mean I know badges are for emotionally immature Star Trek fans, locked in an other dimension, divorced from normal adult interactions and activities enjoyed by folks over the age of 21….but I’m actually really nice, please smile at me….I’m feeling particularly awkward right now!
I once worked with a guy who fitted the above descriptions to a tee. He was a Trekkie and would travel hours in any direction to meet other Gammothian Warriors – and that’s a good thing, finding and meeting like-minded life forms.

But apart from the 1960s Star Trek clothing he wore in the office, it was his badges and phaser that really impressed, as did his communication device which he regularly pressed and muttered something incomprehensible into….it was quite comical at the time, perhaps a little sad now and I could’ve been a little more generous with my time. He was childlike and that didn’t really fit into my image of cool in the 90s.

excerpts from the original The Star Trek Pilot 

Now though I’ve re-developed a fondness for custom badges that is a direct throwback to my childhood. Don’t get me wrong and assume I’m all decked out in tiny Gammothian warrior shields across my trekkie top – but I do recognise that as a retro communication device, they really “pop”. Without the need for complex technology, a printed badge communicates effectively.

For conferences, events and other public interactions, they are an ideal giveaway – have some attractive young thing (male or female) in your team offer to pin a badge on attendees, and they’ll all comply…in fact, it’s an almost given!

Offer to release their inner child…or hidden Trekkie!