Catch Some Air

Promotional Frisbees – Elevate your Promotions

promotional-flyerI’ve always been crazy about flying! As a kid on holiday, I aways managed to score a balsa wood glider to play with and if my pocket money budget stretched to a wind-up propellor, I was destined to have the best holiday ever!
Imagine my joy at being sent off to visit cousins up in the country and loaded onto a 12 seater single wing plane to make the 400km flight, at the age of 10?! Words couldn’t express my excitment, then or now.

I guess though that I’m not alone in my fascination with flight…it’s perhaps one of the reasons airline passengers jockey for a window seat, nudging children out of the way to occupy that halloed space.

And so to our featured product line – promotional frisbees and flyers. There’s no need for fossil fueled discharges to use them, making them a true eco-friendly form of aerial fun – all it takes is a flick of the wrist and you’re in league with like minded grown ups recapturing their youth!

Seriously, playing frisbee in the park or on the beach is one of life’s little pleasures – it’s innocent and strangely addictive.

But why would you consider giving a promotional frisbee as a giveaway promotional gift?

It’s not just the large branding space and attractive colours avalaible in our range, it’s more that your association with good times, away from the hard grind of work and routine will entrench your company or working group or sporting club very firmly in the minds of your recipients. Catch them off-guard when they’re enjoying themselves, and you become part of the experience.

And now, a promotional frisbee session wouldn’t be complete without some 80s music remixed – press play on your ghetto blaster and enjoy…”Chalks away!”.