Mixing Business with Pleasure

Rolling With Promotional Coasters One minute you’re coasting along, working hard, hitting those KPIs and doing fine thanks, the next, some unseen assassin bumps your elbow and you spill your drink. Now the glass is wet and it makes a mess of your business presentation…..and why are you drinking while working, and what, are you […]

Vanilla Scented Candles – Personalised Gifts Promotional personalised Gifts that have more than one purpose are designed to keep giving again and again. Take the vanilla scented candle which comes in an attractive glass. Long after the candle has burned, the glass functions as a drinking vessel. magic, huh?

Keep Calm and Carry On

Custom Badges Can Say Many Things Like “check me out, I’m cool and groovy. I’m not a dork, honest…I mean I know badges are for emotionally immature Star Trek fans, locked in an other dimension, divorced from normal adult interactions and activities enjoyed by folks over the age of 21….but I’m actually really nice, please […]