A Slice of Paris

Femme Chic – Embroidered Business Shirts

a quality embroidered business shirt Who wants to be constrained by a strict dress code for business? Not me for one, I value my choice to dress as I deem fit for any occasion, and that includes choosing clothes projecting my inner self.

How we present ourselves to the outside world is such a personal statement, and it says many things about you; your standards and ambitions. If you work from home then underwear and stubble are probably acceptable. But for those of us who work alongside others and directly with clients/customers, there’s a culture we should respect.

Take the Paris embroidered business shirt – it’s not a conventional blouse but flattering none the less – a top like this for work is almost a necessity like a little black dress or a good pair of jeans. We supply this product with a 10 000 stitch embroider thrown in for good measure.

My granny used to say judge a man by his shoes…and there’s much truth in this. Go on, take a look around the office or workplace and look at folks’ shoes. Does the quality and appearance reflect the personality of the wearer? Now, feeling brave? Check out your own footwear…and be honest in your appraisal. Is that you?…….the truth hurts at times!