A Matter of Style

Face the Future with Printed Stylus Pens

cave paintingIt’s amazing isn’t it how one new fangled thing begets another? No sooner do we have have smart phones, tablets, eBooks etc than clever folks invent tools to help us use them more efficiently…and to our delight, it’s a re-invention of an age-old favourite!

Just at a time when many of us are bemoaning the move from analogue to digital and anticipating a catastrophic decay of standards drummed into us by previous generations, an opportunity arises to take what is inherently familiar and bring it, dancing and singing into the future…

That’s a mighty big preface for what really boils down to a pen for touch screens. The Printed Stylus Pen marries practicality with style but it’s that primeval urge to pick up a stick and draw in the sand that will drive it’s success.

I love my iPhone, it’s changed the way I work and play but one thing that infuriates me at times is its mis-match with my big fingers – I constantly give predictive text a run for it’s money and constantly nudge spaces on-screen that I have no business touching.

Printed stylus pens ┬áreally do help solve that problem – you can accurately access your screen without scratching it with nails or smudging with greasy fingers. The conventional promotional pen attributes are alive and kicking here – print logos, company/organisation names, key messages, phone numbers and enjoy the satisfaction that recipients will soak up that info as they use the stylus pen on a daily basis.