Double Latte Please!

Promotional Paper Cups – an Austerity Solution

Good Crema on a Coffee

There’s nothing more modern-Aussie than a sea of coffee swigging commuters swaying all the way from the outer suburbs to the CBDs of our massive cities. On that journey, they risk scalding, expensive dry cleaning bills from fellow passengers and the chance of disgracing themselves when that caffeine hits their bladders!

It would seem then that this compulsion to drink coffee on the go is flawed from the outset, yet, as a nation, we indulge ourselves whenever the opportunity presents. In my grandparents eyes, drinking in public was a distasteful as eating in public Рsitting down and consuming was acceptable but the modern practise of walking and eating was considered almost barbaric.

How times have changed. Social eating and drinking is everywhere…and we think that’s great for business.

Promo coffee paper cupEnter stage left….promotional paper cups, branded with your company or organisation’s logo. There’s a strong argument for many of the promotional travel mugs we sell that you wash and re-use, but for times when that is simply impractical, disposable paper cups fit the order of the day.

Their uses are generally associated with catering applications but our customers use them as vehicles to advertise their businesses. Because they’re lightweight, they have become favourite promotional giveaway items. Who on earth would use them?!!!

Take it from us, if you give folks promotional paper cups, especially double walled paper cups for their own use, you’ll find that out of laziness, they’ll fill them with tea or coffee in the morning and hit their transport supping away all the way across town. All the while advertising your brand up close and personal to thousands of potential customers. That’s almost guaranteed and in the forecast of austerity and spending cuts to domestic budgets, the nation will start to look for ways to save everyday – how much does a cup of coffee cost these days versus one made at home?

More fool them for being advert-mules, but even more fool you if you miss this key opportunity! Double Latte please!