Practice Your Own Dentistry

Shake Rattle and Roll – Sports Products hit the Spot!

sports productsIt’s a familiar sight in homes all around the country…substitutes for hard work and dedication. It’s not that there’s anything ostensibly wrong with packing your body full of vits, supps and protes, the problem lies in seeing them as a solution in themselves…

I like keeping fit and I don’t mind a bit of effort in the process. That now extends to my daily intake of supplements. Take Cod Liver Oil for example, my Physio favours the liquid form as it contains the necessary quantity of VIT A required for its absorption (don’t quote me on this stuff, I tend to be selective when listening to physios and medics). I absolutely HATE the taste of it…..but like everything else in life that is a real bind, there is no substitute for diving in head first, or in this case, slamming that spoonfull down. An orange juice chaser helps.

Next, I take a spoon of Creatine to help my cells repair after a workout. That’s followed by a cocktail of pills covering everything from flu prevention to keeping me chilled out, to male health essentials.

Yesterday someone suggested a balanced diet might be a better approach. However, and ask yourself, “when did you last have a balanced diet scoring off every required serve of fruits and vegies? Have you consumed the optimum types of protein for your body, at your age and appropriate to your lifestyle? Have you overfed on carbs? What about your mineral balance….your what?!”

The fact is that our bodies (as machines) are so inefficient in converting what little good stuff we eat, into our daily requirements. And even then, it’s all taken to maintain the status quo – not for the cell growth required when training.  That’s why people take supplements.

And if you want to take that purist approach further…..then you should refuse analgesia, give birth naturally under a bush and practice your own dentistry!

For those of us who benefit from adding to our diet, there’s no point looking good on the inside (and a little smug as well…why not, you’ve earned it)  without considering how brilliant you could look on the outside grasping promotional marketing sports products.