Sweet Smell of Success in Business

Personal Space – Pocket Perfume to the Rescue There’s a failure in some folks to recognise personal space in business – this is no more true than when dealing with people from different cultures. In the west, we keep a good arms distance from each other (with my eyesight, it’s a necessity – that’s where […]

Double Latte Please!

Promotional Paper Cups – an Austerity Solution There’s nothing more modern-Aussie than a sea of coffee swigging commuters swaying all the way from the outer suburbs to the CBDs of our massive cities. On that journey, they risk scalding, expensive dry cleaning bills from fellow passengers and the chance of disgracing themselves when that caffeine […]

Some Things Can’t be Tamed

Grab a Promotional Umbrella and a Shovel Well, it’s that time of the year again…branded umbrella mayhem. No sooner have we all finished our EOFY sales than we need to tool up for the winter ahead. And boy has the season it provided us with more than enough drama over the past week! The problem we face […]

The White or the Red Sir?

Why you should use Promotional Red Wine Glasses It’s that age old question isn’t it? A dilemma faced by millennia of diners as to whether they wash down their meal with either White or Red wine. And in the absence of food, which is the perfect accompaniment for a good night in front of the telly/fire/iPAD/partner? Red […]