From Reception to the Top Table

The Promotional Emery Board – an Essential Piece of Kit

picture of promotional emery boardsSeriously, how much time do you spend on your nails? I live with three womenfolk and there seems a disproportionate amount of time that is spent on Nails – filing, buffing, polishing, admiring….

Not that I don’t like the end result – as a typical male, I prefer the cost effective solution that home-nailcare provides – why on earth would you visit a Nail Salon and pay hand over fist for a personal grooming service you could perform at home? Fair enough if you really need a Crack-Sack-Back treatment – it’s difficult to perform that on yourself at home without a Yoga master on-hand to untie you afterwards. But nails are easily accessible and well catered for at the chemist, and now in a promotional context – advertising products. The promotional emery board is a practical product which satisfies a need yet gives you as an advertiser, great space to share your message.

When you consider how close you get to an Emery board when you’re doing your nails, and the fact most women have one stashed in their purses for emergencies…the advantages of branding one with your contact details seems…er… rather obvious.

From the Receptionist to the woman at the top of the company, it’s an essential piece of kit.