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Slap On Watches – The New Big Thing

silicon banded slap on round watchSilicon bands are still a hot promotional item and continue to top our big hitter list every month. Only natural then that some bright spark would take the concept and develop it into a similarly attractive product that could be branded.

And, here we have it….Slap On Round Digital Watches!

Do you every have moments pondering what on earth is next on the merry-go-round of inventions and gadgets that proliferate our homes and office , things we must-have? Well, research tells us that there are very few core products or trends that break onto the market. Most development is in taking a pre-existing item and amending it, morphing it, supporting it.

And so, we have a silicon banded watch that simply slaps round your wrist and contains a digital watch – two items with an established market, now forging a unique niche!

That’s all great and dandy for consumers but as a business or organisation needing a tool to share your message, you need the above benefits plus space to brand. The Slap on Round Digital Watch is perfect for this. Available in  a variety of colours and print options, it’s competitively priced. Take a look at the product page and jump on the next big thing!