Over the Hump

The Winter Solstice – Marking Time for the Southern Hemisphere

a promotional clockWell, lap it up folks. For some peoples, today marks the start of Winter but for us in Australia, we’re a genuine 3 weeks into our hibernation. NOT that you’d know it with all the outdoor activities going on and the reluctance of the sun to leave our land.

Last week, the snowfields in Victoria announced the start of their ski season and it looks to be a belter.

Bourke Street and the Tobogan Run are in full swing with broken limbs almost guaranteed!


What on EARTH is that guy doing to the right of the picture?!

Just wait till the school holidays in a week’s time – it’ll be mayhem anywhere above 1500ft…

Any why does any of this matter to most of us city dwelling, sane people? The passing of time that is? Because, for the most part, we’re almost obsessed with time and how its passing marks events in our lives, some significant but mostly irrelevant passages of existence! Gees, that sounds all doom and gloom, and it’s not meant to…The fact is that time and timepieces are hardwired into our existence and to give a gift of a
promotional branded clock that is printed with your message builds a strong link between what is necessary and the giver.

Enough talking shop, we should all be outside frolicking in the snow!