Let’s Talk Lanyards

Branded Lanyards – a Conversation Starter

a branded lanyardWhen it comes to talking lanyards, I could wax lyrical all day, and then some. I’ve been festooned by them for more than a couple of decades and strangely never tire of their alluring qualities.

As items of promotional merchandise, they are easily recognisable by their chest and head height prominence and attractive print. That, in a nutshell is their main drawcard – messaging at close to eye level. Not only do they score high
in that department alone but the possibilities for colour and print are endless. As are their end-uses.

We have clients tooling up for conferences and public events using colours to identify key members or groups of staff. And they choose to do this not always by creating themed promotional T shirts but often go for the lighter weight option of promotional lanyards. That weight saving over other forms of promotional giveaway items can make a big saving at the post office!

And lanyards are available in many different fabric weights and widths; this gives you more choice and flexibility when planning your event strategy.

Take the Ultimo Lanyard (pictured), it’s one of our biggest sellers and a favourite for state and federal government applications – its muted colour tones help focus attention onto the name tag.