Game of Thrones, Season 1

Branded USB drive Makes Headlines

Well, perhaps not in your neck of the woods or your industry but where I come from and in what I do, they’re up their in black and white for all the right reasons!

picture of a flash usb driveAs Alice succumbed to the temptation of the bottle (hey, we all know that feeling, huh?!) then grew and shrunk …….full of metaphors that book, anyone who receives a branded USB drive is bound to plug it into their PC, car, laptop, TV, media drive and even places I haven’t yet imagined in the foul wastelands of my mind. The promotional flashdrive is notorious for getting attention and being used in any manner of ways.

Whatever your poison, you’ll be attracted to and will shamelessly use one of these little babies no matter the purpose. And, as your collection grows, you’ll remember with alarming alacrity which flash drive contains season one of Game of Thrones  or where you parked that spreadsheet for today’s presentation to the board…oh, that’s right, it’s on the green Woolworths one.

It’s that guaranteed usage and brand association which makes a printed, branded USB drives a must-have in your promotional products arsenal.