Pride in Our Past

Indigenous Aboriginal Art Inspired Promotional Items

indigenous art capOver the last few years we have seen a groundswell interest in iconography and products inspired by Aboriginal Australia. Indeed, in fairness, that is an identity that should be shared by all Australians!

Ours is a cultural identity that is so unique; a blend of traditional indigenous and introduced influences. We know it’s very easy to be swamped by European, American, Asian and Polynesian inbound art and culture and language, so it’s especially important to recognise, celebrate and preserve native, indigenous aboriginal ways of expression.
Our range of Aboriginal inspired promotional marketing products reflect this and whether your business or organisation operates soley with Australian residents or with our booming tourism industry, there are promotional items in this range suited to all tastes and purposes.

Take the Serpent Cap for example, it’s undeniably Koorie in design and colour palette, yet it performs it’s function as a sun shielding hat. Straight away, you satisfy two important tenets but when you consider the unique branding opportunity of harmoniously embroidering your logo, company or club name in a contrasting, light colour, you then have a promotional cap that not only looks great but is fit for purpose.

We should all be proud of the legacy we have inherited and wear it publicly with pride.