Promotional Royalty…of sorts.

Promotional Stubby Holders

picture of promotional stubby holdersOne of the Kings of Promotional Products is the humble Stubby cooler.

Yep, promotional stubby holders are as simple in design as they are to manufacture and print, making them a winning solution to promote your logo or message.

Their adoption out in the wilds of suburbia is almost guaranteed and transporting them around the country is a breeze, their light weight being a major benefit to all.

Years ago, I worked with a group of guys at a paper mill – the shifts were long and the work was smelly and dirty. At the end of a 21 day straight shift, we had a 10 day break
where the norm was to congregate immediatley after the last nightshift. Billy, the shift supervisor hosted our day long event in his man-cave shed where we drunk like fish till our work exhausted bodies were eventually shocked into a normal sicadian rythmn.

Sound barbaric and ultra Bogan? It was and it was good fun, as was the accompanying BBQ, banter and lazing in the sunshine.

What struck me in those pre-promotional products days was Billy’s encyclopedic collection of stubby holders – it really was amazing, numbering in the hundreds. The thing was, each of the shift members had their favourite stubby cooler they used every time they rocked up to Billy’s man-cave.

Billy though wasn’t just a casual collector of printed, promotional stubby holders. Each holder had a story behind it including where and when he was given it, why he was given it and why he kept it in his hallowed collection.

It’s difficult to imagine the reasons why collectors are drawn to their quarry but thinking back to┬áthose sleep deprived, booze fueled, stomach stretching at the seams, sunny afternoons trying hard not to wet myself guffawing at Billy’s time served jokes delivered in his sun-burnt, full-blown Aussie brogue, promotional stubby holder in-hand, I can understand the culture of mateship, of good times, the connections we have with material possessions.

I always chose a stubby holder promoting Wesfarmers that Billy had been given at The Royal Melbourne Show which reminded him of baby cows and the plight of export cattle – the colour went with my shirt and it differentiated me from yet drew me into the pack.

But that’s enough Tim Winton from me.