The Beautiful Game

Custom Made Balls help kickstart the Next Big Thing

image of a promotional custom made ballSoccer, aka “Football” to the rest of the world is a hot topic. It’s failing management through FIFA is a trending topic and the stewardship under Sepp Blatter has been a masterclass in deception and corporate greed at the highest level.

It’s been an embarrassing episode and example of the complicitous nature of mankind where bribery and corruption are almost expected and accepted within sport’s governing bodies.

Why should this be of interest to Australian business owners? What possible purpose does talking about this serve?

Plenty. We were in the running to host the 2022 World Cup and lost to Qatar, and now that widespread skullduggery is being revealed stretching back to when that decision was made, it brings into question the ethics of the mechanisms in place that found oil rich Qatar in the top spot.

There is a growing suspicion that Mr Blatter’s doing will be the undoing of Qatar’s present raison d’etre and a re-vote will be called for. In that case, we have a strong and fair chance of winning that battle. And yes, I hear dissension in the ranks from those of you that we too must have been part of the whole cash for votes scandal and that those in big business here in Oz would have splashed cash around in the same way Doha did. Probably, and it just further highlights the inequity behind FIFA’s system where the rich succeed.

The only way a new adminstration can proceed is to radically change the way it operates.

If world football comes to Melbourne in 2022, it will provide a massive boost to our economy and more directly, to us as the local providers of services and products.

One way to start the ball rolling is to encourage and celebrate soccer at a local and community level. By choosing to brand footballs now (and we’re going to need a lot of them over the next 7 years!), you’ll associate yourself and your company/organisation with the largest, most played and fastest growing sport in the world. As Australians, we don’t really understand the ramifications of this and how soccer could well be the dominant sport here in years to come.

Be an early adopter – contact a local youth team and propose sponsoring them via the supply of custom made balls, gift a printed football to each member of your staff and customers (and propose a mini-competition this spring!), and actively take part in the next big thing: The Beautiful Game.