Come Hail or Shine

Let’s get Colourful: Striped Towels are all the Rage

picture of a colourful striped towek for promotional purposesI’m a stickler for fun and groovy things – colourful striped towels fall into this category and are corporate gifts which sell perennially, whether we’re in summer or winter.

The promotional beach towel has uses extending far from the seaside…in fact, I used one this morning 40 kms from the coast and it performed just fine…

There’s also a strong argument for filling one’s life with objects that challenge the norm and push our boundaries – why restrict yourself to white, fluffy cotton all year round when
our colourful striped towels present an inspiring alternative.

Imagine yourself at the local swimming pool whipping out your finest white towels to be used in a chlorine and veruca rich environment – doesn’t quite fit, huh? There’s something sacrosanct about white towels that doesn’t harmonise with anywhere but home or a relaxation retreat. NOT that I’m inferring beach towels are substandard in any way, they’re just suited to rough and tumble applications.

That’s almost a universal truth so it’s not too difficult to imagine towels branded with your logo finding their way into sports bags, beach bags, shower rooms and parks as mats. With the exception of the shower, these are public places where people congregate, places with a greater than average chance of your branding being seen and remembered, not least by the new owner.

Embroidering and distributing colourful striped towels is a smart move for any business or organisation.