Whiling Away the Hours

Give a Corporate Gift that says You Care – Promotional Shower Timers

a promotional shower timerWhen I was a child, I have memories of wasteful hours spent standing under a constant luxuriant stream of hot water, emptying the hot water tank then getting into trouble, having shouting matches with siblings who faced the pain of a cold shower before school, the disharmony that lasted till the next morning when the scene would play itself out again…

I often wonder if life would have panned out differently had my parents installed a shower timer. Branded promotional shower timers weren’t a consideration in the 80’s – a time of excess and rampant wastefulness.

Given then that these products were introduced to the market relatively late in the piece, their use is as relevant now as it was 30 years ago – it’s just that we’ve woken up to the environmental and family cohesion benefits their use brings!