How do You Measure Up?

Marking and Measuring with Promotional Rulers

picture of promotional rulersWatching my child drawing margins in scrap books was a wonderful experience, no seriously! It reminded me of my youth marking up school jotters – an exacting experience which fueled one of my later careers as a Draughtsman. It’s no surprise than that I love straight lines and the order they bring.

So, imagine my delight in receiving a massive shipment of promotional rulers with an order from the chief to sell ’em cheap! So, let’s look at some of the most compelling reasons to invest in branded rulers…

Whether you’re a student, an office worker, a tradie, or a stay at home mum/dad, there are plenty of uses for a straight edge with clear distance markings that measure in decimal – there’s no disputing that.

It’s the branding opportunities on offer that really sell promotional rulers. Many customers sneak in little joke lines like “How do we measure up?” or “We make the Mark”, and their recipients love it.

The long surface allows easy printing of your logo and snappy message.

These are also the ultimate lo-cost promotional giveaway item – their small weight and portability make for easy storage and posting costs.


Chances are you’ll find a Promotional Ruler in front of you right now….like the Werribee Open Range Zoo one I have here!