Hop to it!

Electronic Jump Rope – Skip your way to Health

jump ropes imageOne of the sports products that stands out as a fun way to encourage a healthy lifestyle is the electronic jump rope. As a promotional marketing tool however, it’s a dead-cert winner
in any competition.

Click on the Malcom McLaren clip and remind yourself of a time when skipping was big in your world, when you woke on a sunny morning and packed your rope in your bag and headed off to school.

Do you remember summer evenings playing with friends and the effortless skipping for hour upon hour? A brief poll round our office reveals childhood memories filled with similar experiences, the common theme being activity and socialising.

How does that compare with your life now? How much exercise do you and your colleagues get each day? And your children, what’s their ratio of screen time vs physical play time?

We all fall short and sometimes a little inspiration and encouragement are all that’s needed.

If you run an organisation or manage a sports team, you should always be on the lookout for ways to help them engage with each other and foster a healthy team spirit. Promotional electronic jump ropes are a great way of branding a product that actively promotes exercise. They record skips and time, making it easy (or unavoidable) to knock out 100 jumps between meetings or incorporating skipping into a training schedule.

In our office, the skipping record this week is held by Will, who at 112 non-stop skips wears the crown (which is actually a promotional embroidered cap…of course!).