Don’t Fight the NEW Wave

Solution – Branded USB Drives

picture of a branded USB drive with lightsTechnology is now hardwired (quite literally) into our lives, there is no escaping it’s reach or how dependent we are on it. Rather than fight against this wave of impersonalisation and robotic solutions, deep down we all know that embracing and harnessing technology will be our salvation…and in the world of business, it’s a necessary evil.

Sure, it robs us of subtleties and the human touch (when did you last receive a hand written letter?) which is a sad loss but it facilitates communication on a scale we would have never thought possible a generation ago. The ability to share complex documents over the net, wirelessly is amazing. There are however restrictions and unless you have pre-existing wireless or wired solutions in your home or office, the only interim solution is to use a branded USB drive – non-branded custom flashdrives work just as well, but that ain’t our business!

And, neither should it be yours. When it comes to low cost technology that can be shared and has guaranteed usage, you can’t go past USB drives. There is no other technology product so widely used and still so much in demand as one of these drives.


Take the flashdrive pictured – it cleverly incorporates an LED light placed behind your logo to highlight it when in operation. In fact, you can choose one of 4 light colours to match your corp identity. How clever is that?!