Help People in Need

Power Bank Solutions for Busy Lives

picture of a power bank in useWe’re all about technology these days and with good reason….our business depends on it and increasingly, our personal lives are governed also. But even though we’re pretty smart at managing it, there are times when we forget ourselves and are outsmarted…like when my mobile phone ran through it’s battery in a couple of hours because I’d foolishly left it on.

There really needs to be fast-charge stations in shopping centres so tech-fooled phone owners can get a quick charge on the run. And of course there’s no such thing.

Enter the Power Bank and in particular the Sydney Power Bank – a nifty little iphone sized battery pack that stores enough charge to boost your phone or iPad several times over. So, when you’re out and about, this handy, pocket sized power solution quietly trickle feeds your device.

As it’s a “must-have” gadget, it makes an ideal corporate gift. It’s adoption is a given and the relatively large branding space allow you to communicate your message easily.

Remember, helping people in their hour of need or jeopardy is a guaranteed way of strengthening your relationship, and you can do that simply by  the corporate gift of a promotional power bank.