Hail the noble Pint Glass

Reconnect with Pint Glasses with Handle

picture of a pint glass with a handleHail the noble Pint Glass – 576ml of fluid storage and decanting in your hand. Isolated from the warmth of your body by its extended handle, it ingeniously maintains beer’s cold, health giving properties for longer, save for a promotional stubby cooler. It’s the wholesomeness of grasping a tankard of beer that inspires men and women all around the globe to reach for pint glasses with handle. To fill to the brim with an amber liquid and to sup till you find a coin at the botttom.

The problem with metrification is that everything tends to either get smaller or ridiculously large. A pot or schooner of beer (shy of a half¬†pint) is suited to the warm australian climate, the beer’s temperature maintained at an acceptable level till sculled. That’s fine and dandy if you’re sitting in the heat and humidity of an outback pub, in close proximity to the beer tap with an understanding barman keepin’ em comin’!
But if you’re managing your own pub in your shed or front room where the AC’s blowing 21C and your spouse is less than encouraging of your frequent trips to the fridge, a pint glass with a handle is the ideal solution.

We stock promotional wine glasses and beer glasses in every shape and size, and there’s a glass to suit every drink and occassion. All come with a one colour print and no set up costs, so you can affordably brand your stock.