Stress? Who Needs it Anyway?!

Find Solace with lots of Custom Made Bags!

image of a custom made bagRelieve gift giving stress with a Custom Made Bag. Every year around my wife’s birthday, I experience a certain amount of anxiety over what constitutes a suitable gift; something reflecting a year’s worth of love and appreciation (the official line is “a lifetime’s worth of love and appreciation”!), a present befitting the mother of my children. Then to add further pressure, our wedding anniversary is the day before! Double Whammy Stress!!!

Stress exists all around us, because of us and despite us. We talk of managing stress but surely a more sensible approach is to erradicate the word from our lives, ergo it fails to exist at all. Imagine that? No stress, no worries, just seamlessly managed solutions everyday, a life akin to Stepford and all the pleasant banality that accompanies it.

Ahhh…… what? What inspires us, gets us up in the morning? Not as though there’s anything pressing since the bank cancelled your mortgage after you failed to realise the importance of paying on time, since you sacked “stress” and lived a life of casual indifference!

So, you’re now required to leave your house and sell your car to pay rent in a stinking dive of a flat in the bad part of town. Your children will go to school in a catchment where gang warfare, drugs and teenage pregnancy are the norm. Happy with that in your flat-line calmity? Pleased with what’s been achieved since banashing “stress”?

Didn’t think so….it’s because of stress and it’s constant background pressure driving us forward to accomplish and achieve, that we live the lives we do. The prospect of life without stress is so stressful in itself that the only conclusion we can arrive at is that a little managed stress is essential to maintaining balance.

I managed my gift giving stress by ordering my wife a consignment of custom made bags with her initials boldly printed on the side. She has one for every day of the year. She said she was speechless but can now pack all her belongings into her 365 bags. I feel less stress…for a while anyway.