It All Adds Up!

Promotional Calculators and a Little Dolly Parton!

photograph of a promotional calculator

Yet again, I spent wasted minutes scurrying around this morning looking for a calculator. That was time I could have better spent reading to my dog, watching the clouds roll by through my skylight or playing snap with myself….OK, those are dreadful, wasteful things to do with your time but I might as well have tried to educate my dog on the finer aspects of Constable’s painting and his clever use of chiaroscuro in Wivenhoe Park.

Scrounging around for office essentials should be a thing of the past.

At Budget Promotion, our customers tell us what works and what doesn’t, and the massive takeaway is that branded office stationery and essentials still rock in the realm of promotional products. From humble printed pencils to super cool promotional calculators, they’re in hot demand 9 to 5.

Speaking of that, here’s Dolly remixed to jazz things up a little…

many of your competitors are banging their heads off their desks

Thing is, when you give people everyday promotional items, they tend to use them every day! And as they’re working away in their dull office, your inspirational message and attractive logo are in the forefront of their mind, as is your phone number.

How many of your competitors are banging their heads off their desks trying to figure out how to drum up more business? Exactly (you’ve been doing that yourself lately too, huh?) and here you have low cost solution that adds up every which way you look at it. Promotional calculators are perceived as high value and thus enjoy long lives in the office and home.