A new Personalised Product

Time for a Mouse Mat Upgrade?

photograph of a mouse matThis is such a great promotional product and a personalised product, I’m busting a gut to share it with you! Really? Well, no but it is a unique product.

Most of the time we offer promotional products – it’s why we exist. But we also sell personalised products that promote the individual, rather than a business or brand. Here you have a wonderful opportunity to leverage off both. The Business Card Mouse Mat has an insert that you can fill with your business cards and a large branding space which could feature you standing outside your premises.

Let’s not forget either thatĀ these are items with “necessity” stamped all over them!

Simple exercise – look down at your mouse, now the mouse mat – bet you it’s tired at the edges, scarred, discoloured, largely ineffective….they’re high-use desktop items. They’re designed to be hard wearing because they have such a long shelf life but eventually they’ll start to shoe their age and make your desk look scruffy and unprofessional. If you’re seeing this before you, chances are your customers and clients will be in the same boat.

If you designed a promotional mouse mat, what message or image would best sell your company or you as a consultant, manager or coordinator? Then imagine a stack of your cards displayed for all to see…and share.

The Business Card Mouse MatĀ helps you promote your brand and leave your contact info.