Fill ‘er up!

The Grande Takeaway Cup – Promotional Mug next gen.

picture of a promotional grande takeaway cupTimes change, we all bemoan the departure of the cheerful gas monkey who leapt out of his humpy and filled your car with petrol, and washed your windscreen “gratis”. It was a simple courtesy that kept you coming back again and again, plus it was a nice opportunity to talk to another human being, generally the man or woman who owned the petrol station – good on ’em!

That’s gone. We’re all now skilled up sufficiently to lift a nozzle and measure out our weekly ration of fuel.

So, what’s new? What do we get as a worthy replacement?

DIY Supersize!  – Could you repeat that?!!

Not to be tainted by the modern malaise of sinking into the gutter at every opportunity, I’m referring to how our culture now actively promotes upsizing every product around us…family cars get 6.2 litre engines (when a 2 litre will do adequately), a simple home BBQ has become a show-off gastronomic feast – snags replaced by chorizo and bratwurst (don’t get me started on sausages) and a regular flat white is now a Grande Double Chino with an extra shot!

In recognition of this blatant greed, we now stock a 470ml Grande Takeaway Cup with silicon lid and band (the latter is easily branded with logos and cheeky words of your choice), and the further good news is that it’s BPA free so despite the supersized caffeine, dairy and sugar hit, your body will be free of unwanted chemicals.

Promotional mugs have come a long way since the days of the gas monkey, and the Grande Takeaway Cup is more or less a celebration of DIY, coffee culture, self choice, self belief – some of the better things to come out in the last 25 years!