Dry, Chapped Lips

Pucker up to Promotional Lipbalm

photograph of australian made promotional lipbalm It’s not a case of vanity but one thing I hate in myself and therefore in others is dry, chapped lips.

For most of us, dry and cold wintry winds rob our lips of moisture, and if you’re not well hydrated, your smackers start cracking and peeling. Is it attractive? Let’s try dog-ugly shall we? Not only does it suggest an¬†unhealthy you but that you don’t care for appearances – and what does that communicate in a meeting?

So, when you’re caught out and your lips look like leather before meeting a client, smart business folk pucker up to promotional lipbalm. In our range, you can choose from a wide range of flavours, from wild and fruity to cool and collected spearmint!

Of course, promotional lipbalm as a promotional giveaway item isn’t just restricted to the boardroom or coffee shop meetings, we tend to pack these handy little items into our handbags of pockets and take them home. With UV filters to ward off sunburn, you should slap on promotional lipbalm as a sunscreeen every time you head outdoors.

These giveaway items may be small but as a bang-per-buck promotional tool, pack a pretty hefty punch – their cost/banner space ratio gives you an affordable way to advertise your brand, plus look great at the same time!