The Big Dawg says…

Promotional Keyrings, from the Promotional Giveaways Category

photo of a promotional keyringEvery now and then I am given a task by our Big Dawg at Budget Promotion to write about one of the products . Today my list says “promotional keyrings, from the promotional giveaways category”. To tell the truth, it feels like I’ve been handed a poisoned chalice – keyrings are so ubiquitous that I’m finding it hard to muster any enthusiasm or resources to wax lyrical about them!

But given that I’ve 15 minutes to burn here, let’s break them down and explore some of their uses, qualities and functions. The first would be pretty obvious….they have a big ring which holds all your keys in one convenient place…..and…um…err….everyone’s got them because everyone’s got keys…….oh! I think that’s actually the point. Due to our complete reliance on keys and hence demand for somewhere to store them, we actually need keyrings on a daily basis. And while you’re addressing that need, why not jazz things up a little? Take the keyring pictured, it’s not only a keyring but a torch and a bottle opener! That’s three useful devices in one but the obvious one to me as a Marketer is the branding space that is taken everywhere with you.

Of course there are basic plastic promotional keyrings all the way up to the top of the tree like our featured one but they are all printable and can display a logo or team message or phone number. Just ask yourself how many times a day you reach for your keys? 6, 8,10? And as you reach for them, a jazzy or colourful keyring helps attract your eye, the imprinted messages subtly reinforcing a business relationship or team ethic or mantra or number you should call for plumbing supplies, stationery, health services, computer repairs, phone SIM topups, car servicing…..

Shall I go on? There’s very little point except to mention that at Budget Promotion, we include set up costs in the unit price you see against the product – there are no hidden charges which makes browsing and buying a breeze.