A Simple Law of Nature

Promotional Mugs – Fill Yer Boots!

picture of a promotional mugStop what you’re doing and walk over to your office kitchen cupboard. Not the one with the mouldy cheese and rancid biscuits from last summer, the one above the kettle with the mugs. Unless you’re a control freak with obsessive compulsive tendencies…or an Architect (sorry Jane B!), I’ll wager there’s a promotional mug skulking around in there.

The more connected you are in business, the more mugs you accumulate…it’s a simple law of nature and business! And let’s not forget these promotional devices are extremely practical too – the wager continues that you and your colleagues will use one of these daily…

Promotional Mugs enjoy a long shelf life – they don’t break down, don’t run out of ink, shrink on you, run out of batteries, say rude things to you. They’re passive vessels that sit on your desk long after the tea or coffee is gone. Many’s a time I’ve sat staring round my desk for inspiration and a mug has caught my eye.

As a branding tool, they’re an industry stalwart – with your marketing message, you can reach a massive amount of people within your target demographic. When you do the sums, there’s no other promotional item with the same reach potential/dollar, so fill yer boots!