Stolen Biscuits Taste Better

Conserve Your Resources with a Dynamo Flashlight

This Week’s Business Tip – Stolen Biscuits Taste Better (supplied by Bruce fromĀ Arisaig).

photograph of a dynamo flashlightGreat advice Bruce and it’s a fact that breaks the general rule which is…it’s better to give than receive!

Taking from your business in those first few years is, in general, a bad manoever. Despite the temptation, leaving funds in the honey pot to help grow and insure against fluctuations in your market, pays dividends in the long run.

Many’s a new business who’s enjoyed the short term gratification of delving into funds too early, only to be thwarted later in the game in leaner times.

You have to save and you have to work hard for the good things in life. If, by simply flicking a switch you are bathed in cheap, plentiful light, you will never fully appreciate the work behind it, the sheer effort required to create the spark and maintain the glow.

As an exercise, we’ve introduced the Dynamo Flashlight to our range of ECO promotional products. It sells well due to the curiosity value of electricity self-generation (OK, low wattage LED bulbs make it relatively easy to power the dynamo flashlight) but it’s actually great fun and practical in that you’ll never run out of batteries. You may run out of puff…but charging a dynamo flashlight will then be the last thing on your mind…

This is neither a Dynamo Flashlight nor stolen biscuits, but a fabled Austin Maxi...
This is neither a Dynamo Flashlight nor stolen biscuits, but a fabled Austin Maxi…

We should look after our planet, conserve her resources, plan for the future and reap the benefits another day.

Congratulations Bruce, a Dynamo Flashlight is on it’s way to you!