You May Feel a Cringe

Budget Giveaways – it’s the Economy…

bag-clipsThere are many reasons why a business may need to give away low-cost promotional items and they’re not always driven by financial constraints. Sure, you could shave hundreds if not thousands off an ongoing marketing campaign by investing frugally in budget giveaways – every concern could make use of money saved here and there!

But rather than trying to impress your targets with expensive corporate gifts (which incidentally has its place), another method getting and staying noticed is to plan a sustained, long term effort to weave your way into your customer’s minds. By choosing budget priced essentials, you can supply your prospects and ongoing customers with virtually all their office basics – you could look on it as a form of sponsorship.

That may seem a bit obvious and a little embarrasing, and you may feel a cringe, as though you’re obviously buying their attention…but you are.

In a recent airport survey of business passengers conducted by PPask, it was found that almost 90% of those asked, had received a promotional product in the previous 12 months – waste of time you’re thinking? Afterall, how much plastic crap can you expect people to accept? Well, let’s bring that into context. They were then asked if they were influenced enough to do business with the giver – 52% said yes and the remainder said it would likely influence their decision making…

You can weigh up those figures for yourself.

Another interesting point is that many of the items we stock as budget giveaways are items we all use daily – they’re almost essentials and by giving, you’re satisfying a need. When PPaskĀ asked about retainment, the business survey sample said if an item wasn’t of use to them, they were more likely to give it away, than throw it away.

If your message is printed on giveaway items, there’s almost a certainty of their continued circulation and exposure.

Budget Giveaways are an economical solution to mass marketing, whichever way you look at it!