Jetting off to Pastures New

Corporate Gifts to SOS

jetboardSometimes our plans are up in the air and NOT by design! At the weekend I walked along Beaconsfield Parade in Melbourne and watched the most amazing sight as a man, standing on a skateboard of sorts was propelled up in the air by his mate on a Jetski. A pipe connecting the two transferred the output of the Jetski to jets underneath the board – neat trick, huh?
And it got me to thinking about our reliance on business partners – just as the boarder was only airborne when the Jetski rider pulled the throttle.

These are largely symbiotic relationships where we aide and assist each other through common need and societal business ettiquette. But what happens when your clients are being chased by your competitors? Don’t scoff because if you are managing your own business efficiently, there must be an element of your BDM plan targeting your competitor’s customers……

So, how can you insure your business against a catastrophic loss? The most obvious is to know your price structure inside out, trim your margins and provide the best service for the keenest price.

That’s 101 but have you considered the benefits of wooing your clients with promotional corporate gifts? Sound cheesy? Let me tell you there’s certainly no cheese to be shared when a major client takes their game elsewhere – it’s happened to me in previous employment. The lesson learned is to cover all bases, with the Elephant in the Room, promotional gifts.

Perhaps putting yourself in your client’s shoes is a healthy way to evaluate your service offering and to make an educated quess at which corporate gifts are best aligned with your business. A simple, soft-sell gift serves as a powerful reminder of the value of your relationship. If another business comes sniffing after your client, they’ll be more likely to call you to discuss their dilema and ask if you can meet them along the way.
Promotional Corporate Gifts help to create relationships and dialogue…