Take The Message With You

Promotional Travel Mugs – take the message with you

travel-mugAt weekends, our family likes to go the beach in summer and autumn, and head to the hills in spring and winter. During holidays, we retreat down the coast or the mountains. In the week, there are 2 hrs of commuting a day. All these journeys require sitting in a car for long periods of time…..sound familiar?!

Boredom and fatigue are the main concerns, and it’s vitally important to keep hydrated and fresh.

On our website, we stock a massive range of promotional merchandising including travel mugs. Over the last few years we’ve seen a trend towards their purchase and safe driving messages printed on the side. Many of our customers recognise the value in providing an item of purpose, branded with their logo and poinent message. They’re saying to their recipients “we want you to be safe, come back unscathed”.

Before each journey, we fill our travel mugs from the coffee machine and take them to the car, and they’re usually hot enough for an hour which gets you out of the city sprawl and into the country, or out of the burbs and into the CBD. Along the way, you reach for your mug (the kids have fresh water incidentally) and soak up the printed message.

As they’re attrractive vessels, our collection of travel mugs appear at picnics, movie nights, gardening etc – all the time reinforcing the giver’s messages. I should be wise to all this but I still get sucked in every time – and I’m not alone!