It’s a Big World

Promotional Sports Embroidered Clothing

Jono  wearing embroidered clothing
Our stooge Jono wearing sporty embroidered clothing – should see the filthy message he’s placed on the back – ouch!

There’s a great AD on TV right now for ASICS, the sports shoe company. “It’s a Big World. Go Run It” is their latest slogan and the advert shows dynamic, dedicated young things sprinting up mountains, through rivers, across plains, down ravines. It’s inspirational stuff and made me go out and buy a pair of ASICS (I plan to run the world one day, or small parts thereof).

Made me think of how we as business owners and sports coaches, inspire and motivate our staff and team members. Sure, there are financial incentives if staff hit their sales targets or shift so many boxes per week but when the money runs out, there has to be something else to give.

At Budget Promotion, we try to practise what we preach. Our staff chose a motto, “Work, Coffee, Work, Cake, Work” which we had printed on sporty promotional embroidered¬†clothing¬†– OK, there’s a juxtaposition between the laid back indulgence of coffee and cake, and hard, focused work! The double irony of the sports clothing isn’t lost on us too.
It is though, part of our office culture and we recognised that together, put it into action in a physical manifestation – we literally have the t shirts to prove it!

So, what’s your slogan, your inspiration, your motto, your mission statement that inspires and propels you and your folk to do better each and every day? Does it reflect your culture, your ethos, ethics and aspirations?

Write it down, print it up, wear it, practise it Рpromotional embroidered clothing is the ideal canvas and vehicle for internal promotions!