Back to the Future

Promotional Pencils – Going Back to the Future

picture of promotional pencils“I love simple things” – or perhaps I should be more succinct; I really appreciate objects and practices that are designed to make life easier. Strange then isn’t it that we all have tablets, PCs, laptops, notebooks etc that require careful setup and maintenance. They’re expensive too and restrictive in where they can and can’t be used – little point taking one on a dingy unless you have a waterproof case and a backup battery…

And there’s the cost….and lack of branding opportunity because let’s face it, with such a valuable commodity, you ain’t one for sharing!

So, given those constraints, those limitations, what’s the next new thing that will free up time and allow us even more flexibilty to write and record life’s important events?

I think we need to journey back in time.


My schooling was marked by chalk on slate, pencil on paper…oh wait, that’s it! A pencil and paper fulfills all those fundamental requirements as a recording device and what’s more, I can scan my scribed note into my iphone at a later date, use optical character recognition to convert to a rich text file or PDF…et voila…I’ve now invented the ultimate flexible recording tool! It’s even a bit space-age (strange as that’s one of the few things that actually still works in zero gravity) in it’s deployment.

Hang on, I think it gets better still…..a promotional pencil costs next to nothing per unit…and I can print my logo on the stem to boot! Then I can afford to distribute my latest invention liberally, encourage others to share the innovation, market my company in the process, retain a few units so I NEVER run out…..and all before morning coffee break – simple!