All I’d Really Like is ….Toys

Technology Products Break the Norm

bamboo-ipad-standI must admit a fondness for toys. This was brought to the fore a few years ago when I opened Xmas presents from my wife and each was an item of clothing – shirts and pants she’d carefully chosen. Later I broached the subject of presents, “it’s just that I can buy these when I need them, whenever I hit a shopping centre, and all I’d really like is ….toys”.

Well, that went down like a cup of cold sick and I was frozen out of contention for a few days – the selfish, ungrateful bastard that I was.

Thing is, the next year I got a toy. And I loved it!

The way I see it (as a bloke) is that clothing is fairly low on my list of priorities. I spend the lion’s share of my earnings on bills and that includes clothes for work and leisure. There’s actually very little left for me and I tend to spend that on my wife and children, taking them out for an afternoon, a meal, to the pictures etc.

I feel great guilt in buying things for my own selfish pleasure (because deep down I know the greater satisfaction comes from spending time with others and gifting them things they wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves). So, when I receive a bluetooth speaker, a powerbank, a radio or a quirky toy, I place great value on it – even if I’m partially funding the gig!

It’s good to give but also great to receive.

Who are you buying for? What’s their backstory? Their domestic arrangements? Chances are they’re hard working staff or clients who invest most of their time and savings into a greater good. Perhaps a fun, token gift that helps them disconnect from reality for a short while is just what they need?

Suggest Technology Products as a good place to start…because we all need a little break from the everyday.