In my house we have a Whoopee Cushion…

Printed Balloons – Inflate Yourself

whoopee-cushionI my house we have a Whoopee Cushion…but it must be said my residence is not a lawless enclave of men sharing crude toilet humour every waking moment. I’ve done that in my younger years and finally grown out of it. No, I live in a house full of women yet the Whoopee Cushion gets a good airing most days, mostly because it’s a little rude and naughty.

And we’ve gone through a few over the years, always wrecked by visiting boys who get so excited at the prospect of pumping out a loud, rasping parp and getting away with it. They usually jump on them and split them along the seam. We hide them but the cunning little devils ferret them out and do their best to spoil everyone’s fun.

printed balloonsA couple of weeks ago I got so hacked off at the wanton destruction that I brought home an industrial quantity of Printed Balloons samples. “Go for it boys! This is your own balloon for today. If you don’t burst it, you can take it home with you….”

Now we have nice, nondestructive play sessions except for the occasional whoosh and parp of a “Sam’s Plumbing Services” printed balloon rushing past our ears. The boys tend not to be rough with them because they’re incentivised to keep them. It’s all worked out well.

But how do farts, children and play sessions help promote your business?

Printed Promotional Balloons are low cost giveaway items. Most purchasers acknowledge that after the event or product promotion is over, their balloons end up carted back home for eager children to play with…affording their parents with a little respite.

Here’s the secret sauce: If you can inject your product/service message into an intended customer’s home where it alleviates domestic stress, even by a small measure, it will reinforce the value of your existence. And besides, the last thing any of us need is a split bag when forcing one out…