Why Did Andy Lose?

andy-murrayAnd why did he lose in such a way?

Playing the Australian Open is the preserve of a talented few, it’s the pinnacle of sporting excellence and like every Grand Slam event, it doesn’t take long till you’re aware of being in the presence of greatness – those who have dedicated their lives to sporting endeavour – there’s something magical and rather humbling about that.

When we look at our lives and our achievements, how would you rate your game? Would you make it to the Final? Would you bow out at the local heats? Chances are it’s somewhere in that vast middle ground, after all you have a life outside of sport, outside of work and relationships. It’s therefore virtually impossible to excel at anything unless you’re prepared to make huge sacrifices elsewhere in life.

So, what is the middle ground and how do you deal with being second best?

For Andy, there’s no contemplating anything but a win. He’s driven by an absolute belief in himself and aware he only has himself to blame in defeat – that’s an awful place to be. He’s a slave to his own ambition.

NOT that ambition and drive are bad in business, infact, they’re essential. It’s just that to do well in any organisation, we should draw on the strength and knowledge of those around us. It’s necessary to ask for help and to share responsibility.

Whether you own and operate a plumbing business, are a 2IC to an MD or manage a team of sales staff, chances are you don’t have the time or inclination to research the power and reach of promotional products….but we do!

Ask one of our team how we can help you spread your message.

You can then keep your eye on the ball, unlike Andy.