Why You Should Limit your Coffee Intake.

Promotional Drink Bottles – for Health and Wealth

picture of a few promotional drink bottlesIf like me, you have children, you’ll know only too well the work it takes to encourage them to drink enough water…it literally drives me to distraction!  By whipping out a couple of promotional drink bottles from the Budget Promotion vault, I’ve been able, in part, to at least make that job a little easier – like the majority of the population, they’re genuinely swayed by attractive packaging and interesting looking bottles.

A parent’s concerns aside, there are many compelling reasons to drink more water and it’s been a personal interest of mine for a few years now.

Why you should limit your Coffee intake.

Every cup of coffee is a full-blown diuretic – for each cup of the hot brown stuff, you will pee three times the amount of fluid. If you’re not drinking water to compensate for this – your body will be leached dry – this accounts for the mid-afternoon fuzzy head!

Why water is good for the heart and head.

A few years ago I suffered palpitations and high blood pressure – like most middle aged men I thought my heart was the issue and booked in to see a specialist. After a few tests he leveled with me and said the majority of people coming to see him with similar symptoms were just plain dehydrated….and that I should cut out caffeine and start sinking 2 litres of water every day.  I’ve been doing that ever since and you know what? My issues cleared up straight away!

So, drop the coffee intake, up the H2O and help yourself in this (and all those fuzzy headed staff who work for you) by investing in a batch of promotional drink bottles.