Who Gives a Coast?

Promotional Coasters Printed With Your Message

promotional-coasterTake your business out of the boardroom and mix it with pleasure. Not advocating any seedy dealings here that would ultimately have you kicked out of the family home but a crafty way of associating your product or brand with the good times AWAY from work.

Branded promotional coasters are a favourite giveaway – their size, colour print options and purpose make them ideal ways to communicate a message or share your brand’s logo.

budget-promotion-promotional-coasters-qr-codeThere are of course crafty ways to drive human traffic to any page on your website or a Youtube video that sells your product. How about a batch of coasters printed with a cryptic QR code like this example…go on, give it a try!

The options are endless really but in essence, customers generally choose these to catch potential customers’ attention AWAY from the stress of work, at times when they are more relaxed, in a social setting, open to suggestion etc.