No Blog post today

Waking up this morning and switching on the media was a sobering experience for all of us – today, we won’t be promoting any products via social media – we’re still open for business but in reverence have deceided NOT to post, such is the mood in our office.  

Who Gives a Coast?

Promotional Coasters Printed With Your Message Take your business out of the boardroom and mix it with pleasure. Not advocating any seedy dealings here that would ultimately have you¬†kicked out of the family home but a crafty way of associating your product or brand with the good times AWAY from work. Branded promotional coasters are […]

A Good Day Out

Promotional Beach Towels;¬†Essential for a Good day Out. You just have to love the Aussie Summer (unless you’re landlocked in the middle of the outback) and the promise of days lolling around on a beach, getting ridiculously sunburned, dehydrated and crapped on by seagulls! OK, perhaps those aren’t the most endearing features of a good […]