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Where Does the Time Go?

Got to thinking the other day about the important things in my life – call it a mini pulse check. You know those times when you have trouble remembering what you did last week, let alone yesterday? And what’s the … Continue reading

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No Blog post today

Waking up this morning and switching on the media was a sobering experience for all of us – today, we won’t be promoting any products via social media – we’re still open for business but in reverence have deceided NOT … Continue reading

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Just-In-Time Xmas Gifts!

Express Advertising Products – To the Rescue “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!”. Well, you don’t need to be a white rabbit or to be clutching a old timepiece to know that Christmas is but a couple … Continue reading

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Who Gives a Coast?

Promotional Coasters Printed With Your Message Take your business out of the boardroom and mix it with pleasure. Not advocating any seedy dealings here that would ultimately have you¬†kicked out of the family home but a crafty way of associating … Continue reading

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Customised Gifts are IN!

Personalised Gifts – Whatever Else at Xmas?! At this time of year, it’s prudent for businesses to consider their clients and to evaluate whether they should continue the arrangement the following year. One way to recognise this ongoing tryst is … Continue reading

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A Good Day Out

Promotional Beach Towels;¬†Essential for a Good day Out. You just have to love the Aussie Summer (unless you’re landlocked in the middle of the outback) and the promise of days lolling around on a beach, getting ridiculously sunburned, dehydrated and … Continue reading

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