Bag it!

Canvas Tote Bags – 10oz of Good Common Sense

canvas-toteWe have a very simple approach to promotional products – we recommend the biggest bang for your buck, most appropriate to your needs then process that order in double quick-time. There’s no need to hang around chewing the fat, kicking tyres, blowing a brown dog off a chain…oh hold on, that’s something else, isn’t it?!!

9 times out of 10, you’ll want the largest brandable surface, the most portable product, something of immense practicality, easily shipped to your clients, durable over many years continued use…we’ve heard every stipulation over the years.

And 9 times out of 10 we recommend promotional canvas tote bags! Now though we’ve managed to source a great cache of tote bags made from 10 oz of ground beef (ah, just checking you’re following me!), 10 oz of cotton canvas.

Available in two favourite colours, they’re perfect for simple but highly effective cloth printing that will last years. End of.