Ride ‘Em Cowboy!

Branded Promotional Hats –¬†You Can’t be Serious?!

promotional-cowboy-hats“Get ’em doggies movin’ ” you hollar, waving your new promotional hat high in the air and spit baccy on the floor…then remember you’re at work, in front of Margaret who isn’t impressed.

Straw Cowboy Hats are this season’s must-have promotional headwear.

Not only are they a genuine quality proposition in their own right but coupled with a funky hatband, printed with your company or organisation’s branding, they’re so “now”, they’re almost futuristic….bizarre then that the design is a couple of centuries old!

Customers who have chosen these hats, tell us it’s because the retro, formed shape conveys tradition, yet a sense of humour – the hats get the job done without taking themselves seriously. That, it seems, is a message Australian businesses take with them as they foray overseas.

Infact, it’s part of our psyche.