Top 3 Promo Items This Month

Promotional Marketing Top 3 – November

With Christmas almost upon us (again!) there’s still time to place orders for promotional marketing items to wow your clients and staff. This season’s top gifts have a definite sporting flair – saunter into any shopping centre and you’ll be assaulted by Sports Bands, sports clothing and offers for gym memberships.

Electronic Jump Ropes

jump ropesOur jump ropes fit the sports mould nicely and not only count skips but calories burned! With your logo printed, these items will get air-time throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Custom Golf Tees

golf-teesIf there’s one thing a golfer needs a constant supply of (and I know this from bitter experience!), it’s a ready supply of Tees! We can supply branded golf tees with your unique messages printed on a variety of colours. Throw a golf outing and mark the occasion with your own, branded equipment….

Marathon Pedometers

marathon-pedometersA great range of step counters in fancy colours. Customers of ours have branded these with their logo and held or sponsored community walks – an easy and inspired way to raise money for local charities at Xmas!