G’Day Folks, meet Jono from Marrietville.

Athletic Sprint Singlets


G’Day Folks, meet Jono from Marrietville. He’s your regular bloke – into his beer, smokes, footy (Go Swans!) and girlfriend, Sharna.

When he’s not charging you exorbitant rates for fixing your boiler and performing donuts in his Ute outside your driveway, he (remarkably) runs a youth soccer training camp. Who would have thought a psychotic lad from the hood would have it in him to devote large swathes of time to helping children from less fortunate backgrounds into a healthy and purposeful activity?

Well, certainly not the Jono we first met a couple of years ago who phoned up to buy 6 promotional stubby coolers – err, it wasn’t that the below minimum order threw us, it was the rather “graphic” graphic Jono had cobbled together on his computer….

Clearly something has changed in his life…and for the better. So, when Jono approached us for a run of very small Athletic Sprint Singlets¬†emblazoned with his mini-Socceroos’ logo, we were only too glad to help out.

Not only did Jono provide his team with branded, top quality sportswear, but he bought them at the country’s lowest prices with print costs included. He opted for the ultimate in moisture management fabric at 165 GSM for premium comfort.

Thrown into the deal was a photo of Jono sporting an Athletic Sprint Singlet¬†just to prove that there’s a little bit of good in everyone – Go Jono!