How to Reinvent the Wheel

Promotional Bic Pens

Just when you thought the world had stopped spinning and we had a chance to stand still for a while….unfortunately not! Just as the techies release yet another labour saving digital device, don’t think the old analogue camp has given up the ghost yet….

Hail, the re-emergence of the Bic Pen, this time in guises you’ll never have guessed.

We have uncovered a wide range of twist, click and fixed plastic pens in styles that even defied our expectations. take, for instance the Bic Click Australia pictured – it comes in a range of  17 fantastic colours including fluro, glow and ultra variants, with a 2 colour printing option starting at just 55c each (er, yes, that’s just over half a dollar!).

So, forget your preconceptions based upon either the orange or clear BIC Pens you chewed and mutilated in high school, and get ready to re-visit an analogue icon for a new generation.